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Jul 22, 2019

The Hall Collection: Does Your Brain Associate Your Bedroom With Sleep?

It is important to train your brain to link the bedroom with sleep. Ideally the bedroom should be used for relaxing, sleeping and intimacy only. The bedroom environment has a major impact on the quality of your sleep and our ability to maintain good health. We asked the professionals from The Hall Collection to share some tips for creating a bedroom of rest of relaxation.

The bedroom is where you will spend about a third of your life and should be a luxurious and soothing oasis that is conducive to relaxation and indulgent comfort.

Spending time creating a personal sleep sanctuary that will meet all your needs for rest and rejuvenation is a worthwhile investment for your health and good fortune.

Invest in the best quality bed & mattress. Your bed is where you will spend a large portion of your valuable time and is the only piece of furniture in your home that will have a direct impact on your health. A truly comfortable bed will provide deep, reviving and restful sleep every night and reduce your risk of chronic diseases.


Switch off all lights.

Get heavy curtains or blackout blinds to eliminate light that might come from outside.

If you refuse to remove your cellphone from the room, one helpful tip is to flip it over,
screen-side down, during bedtime.

Make sure that there are no LED lights from the television, remotes, alarms or other digital

Candles are not only romantic, their soft light is also perfect in the bedroom.

If you use a digital alarm, turn the light away from you. Consider an old fashioned alarm
clock and leave your phone outside of your bedroom.

Lights with dimmer switches allow you to turn the lights down and create soft light which is ideal to signal the brain to quiet down and prepare for sleep.

The Hall Collection uses the finest imported luxury linen & bespoke, handmade beds to create a bedding collection that is both authentic & superior in quality.

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