Style Your Bed with Luxurious Charcoal Bed Linen

Explore deep colours in Falucca Fine Linen’s 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton fabric for a rich and luxurious sleep experience.

Falucca Fine Linen’s new colour palette Charcoal in the Signature Collection pays homage to the life-giving substance with its sensual undertones, turning your bed into the luxurious rest nest you’ve always wanted.

You’ll love the colour charcoal in the 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton bed linen. It takes the warm, earthy tones of the original substance and works so well with a variety of beautiful interior styles, from the grand masters of Dutch art, to a touch of the Afropolitan, and finally, a nod to Contemporary luxe with its affinity for metallics.

Beautify your bed

As the focal point of the room, your bed is critical in your bedroom decor. By using subtle, classic detail in your bedding, the Charcoal colour palette will to set the tone, becoming the foundation of your decor style. Best of all, it also answers yet another important requirement: being utterly luxurious and comfortable, so you can get the best night’s sleep.

Which bed decor style do you love most?

Grand masters

Bed linen style: Single satin stitch in charcoal. A subtle, yet deeply luxurious detail.

This bedroom decor look takes inspiration from the dramatic light and dark elements of the Renaissance era, especially Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus (right).

Chiaroscuro shadows are offset by pastoral scenes abloom with spring flowers as in many an 18th Century Dutch painters’ landscape scene. To achieve this look, opt for pastel velvets to intermingle with botanical prints. Add a ceramic water jug and perhaps a knitted throw as a finishing touch.

African pattern

Bed linen style: Criss cross single satin stitch in Oyster creates beautiful linear detail that directs the eye across the bed.

Pattern and textures play harmoniously against the earthiness of the charcoal to achieve a warmth that invites you in with just the right amount of sophisticated showiness.

Contemporary luxe

Bed linen style: Plain oxford border.

The beautiful metallic trend is perfectly suited to the deep charcoal palette. Incorporate several different metallic references without fear to create something truly spectacular.

Love these looks or have a specific style idea for your bed?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. It provides details in how you can design your bed with the use of the charcoal bed linens. They really look great and make a feeling of spacious room.


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