Spotlight: Go Green With Rise and Fall

People are becoming obsessed with what goes into their bodies; free-range eggs,
organic coffee. The next frontier is the fabrics we live in. Get ahead of the curve with Rise and Fall – a luxury bed linen brand with a sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain.

Millennials don’t want to buy a product, they want to buy a lifestyle. What they buy
should align to their personal values. Which is why 73% of them are willing to pay more
for organic and sustainable materials. Rise and Fall are already one step ahead with their Classic 400 thread count organic cotton range which is 100 % traceable, right back to the fair-trade farm where it was grown.

Rise and Fall is all about making your bedroom a comfortable sanctuary with a supply chain that is making a difference and doing it right. They travelled four continents and audited six factories before they were satisfied with their supply chain. All the hard work has been done and today the finest linens that boast the following benefits:

  • Made with 100% green energy (wind power)
  • No nasty chemicals used (OEKO-Tex + GOTS certified)
  • Recycle 99% of water used in production
  • Provide free education to factory workers
  • Percentage of each sale to Lucky Lucy Foundation and ORTSA
  • All packaging is plastic free, re-usable and made from re-cycled materials

Only the best raw materials are used. This includes:

  • The World’s Finest Cotton: Gossypium barbadense produces the longest fibres of any cotton plant. Known as ‘extra-long staple’, this cotton is the foundation of the world’s finest, softest sheets. Extra-long staple cotton makes up less than 3% of the world’s cotton.
  • Threads that Count: Thread count is the number of fibres in a square inch. Higher thread counts with the right quality cotton make the most comfortable sheets in the world. Rise and Fall tested hundreds of options and chose 400TC and 600TC because they make the best use of the extra-long staple cotton in each weave.

  • The Yarn: By using extra-long staple cotton only, the team can create stronger, finer yarns that feel softer (good). These yarns have fewer ties and exposed ends, which make the cotton feel coarse and rough to touch (bad). They only use 120 and 80 yarn threads. Most others use 60 and less.


  • The Weave: The percale weave (400TC) is a one up / one down weave that produces a matte finish with a crisp, cool feel. The sateen weave (600TC) is four up / one down. By exposing more of the horizontal threads, the sheets have a silkier feel and smoother look. Rise & Fall bedding is available from Klooftique.

Rise & Fall bedding is available from Klooftique.


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