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Jan 26, 2018

Small Bedroom Hacks: Clever Ways To Have More Space In Your Sleeping Room

A sleeping space should be a sanctuary away from the chaos of everyday routine. It’s the space where you retreat to feel at ease and unwind. However, it may be difficult for you to feel peaceful and calm when you get to look at the pyramid of filthy clothes or rummage through an overpacked closet.

There are tons of solutions and hacks with regards to the bedroom storage. Even if you search it online, it will give you a lot of ideas about dealing with bedroom storage problems. Of course, we all dream of having a home, specifically a bedroom with ample storage space. But how can you achieve it, especially if you have limited space? For a little help, check out these clever ways to help you have more space in your sleeping room.

Arrange Your Dresser Like An Expert

Organize your dresser like a pro. It should not be neglected or overlooked. With the help of drawer dividers and excellent folding, you can efficiently organize your dresser. Take the time to appropriately store the clothes in your wardrobe or dresser to create more storage space. Utilize drawer dividers to sort out your scarves, underwears, and socks. However, you should also consider other useful storage schemes, such as freeing up space for the outdated clothing.

Out Of The Closet

Closets or wardrobes are not the only way or option when we talk about storing your things. You can utilize every available space in your room by putting closet shelves on the exteriors of your closet or by installing a lot of hooks on the wall. A Blanket Box is also another option to have more storage or space for your bedroom.

Go For A Headboard With Loads Of  Storage

If your bed occupies a lot of space in the room, then consider it as a storage opportunity. You can easily accustom your bed to store things, kicking off at the top. Go for a headboard with built-in storage space for magazines, books, tokens, and many more.

Purchase A Bed Frame With Drawers

Beds with built-in storages are probably one of the most accessible and apparent storage ideas for bedrooms with small spaces. Although every type of space saving bed will surely free up lots of areas in your room, storage beds will provide you with plenty of room to store things. You can utilize these drawers for keeping your files, clothes, or any valuable things you possess. However, if you don’t have any storage under your bed yet, you have many options.   You can either purchase a new one or make a DIY bed frame with drawers. If none of the two, you can lift your bed and insert some storage containers. But make sure to cover it by adding a nice bed skirt.

Utilize Multi-functional Furniture

Consider using multi-functional furniture in the bedroom. Do some hacks such as using floating drawer instead of a shelf, small storage cabinets instead of a table. Even a nightstand can function as additional storage if you just let it.   Small spaces in the bedroom suggest that there is less area for a nightstand and other pieces of furniture. It’s true. However, you need to make do with the little space you have and using multi-functional furniture is a good starting point.

Put The Trash Bin Out Of The Way

We all need to keep our garbages well-kept right? However, the only issue is that most trash bins will most likely consume a square foot of unit area. But you can prevent it from happening if you hide your trash bin in an inclining cabinet. It will not only store your waste and keep it out of sight, but it will also function as a filing area or a nightstand.

Hang A Cylindrical Piece Of Wood Or Metal For Storing Shoes

Installing pegs on the back part of your closet made of wood or metal does a lot of wonders for removing unnecessary items in your home. However, if you want to have a more appealing and pleasing storage option, try to create a pegboard shoe rack.   Install it on the wall right above the ground or to your closet’s door, and hang some of your footwear on the pegs. As a result, you’ll never see your shoes cluttered on the floor.


Small space problems are indeed real! But worry no more as there is always a solution to every problem. Organizing thing helps, but creating a functional and useful sleeping space from nothing requires a lot of storage ideas you can integrate into your bedroom. To get started, you can follow tips above to create and have more space in your sleeping room.

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