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Dec 27, 2018

SHF: 5 Tips to Create A Dreamy Bedroom

Small bedroom? No problem! Create a dreamy bedroom that is big on style with the help of SHF and our top picks for a great night’s rest in your own personal sanctuary!

  1. Choose colours wisely

If you’re hoping to create a place of rest and relaxation, keep things simple in the bedroom. The colour white is an expansive and practical choice for a small bedroom. It keeps the space from looking too busy or boxed in.

A muted colour palette and minimalist look will help create a calm and zen-like ambience in your master suite that would be ideal to a good night’s rest. We love a modern white, grey and beige palette for a stylish and sophisticated bedroom.

2. Soft furnishings add a touch of glam

Add in a variety of textures and fabrics to create a dreamy bedroom. We love the Pouffe Giovanni Pearl Ottoman for added luxury in a gorgeous pearl tone to complement a simple, minimalist layout in the bedroom.

The Sandcastle throw from SHF is another great addition to your master suite and will certainly add another interesting textural element to your space. Introduce scatters in various textures and prints to elevate your bedroom even further!

3. Magnify with mirrors

If your bedroom is on the small size, the right mirror can certainly help to make your space feel bigger. We love the Attic Gold Mirror from SHF which will add instant appeal to any bedroom.

4. Get creative with texture

Add a modern rug to your bedroom to up the comfort level in this space. The Hava Rug from SHF is a great textural addition to the bedroom and will give your space that added sense of glamour one hopes to achieve in a dreamy bedroom.

You can also add a luxury chandelier and curated decor to add interest and texture to your bedroom. The Teardrop Chandelier from SHF is a statement piece with beautiful beaded finish to bring a sense of glam to your room.

5. Invest in a statement bed

Your choice of bed is important in the overall design of your room. Choose something that speaks to you and will add to the designer look of your space. The Coral Bed from SHF is a showstopper and will instantly bring a refined sense of elegance to any bedroom.

Shop the look at SHF. Here are some of our top picks to create an inspired bedroom:

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