Sealy: How to Decorate The Perfect Autumn Bedroom

A new season means it is certainly time to revamp your bedroom. Here we share some great tips to help you decorate the perfect autumn bedroom, with help from Sealy.

It is time to pack away your summer linen, drapes and accessories. Autumn is about warmer tones, an array of textures and thicker quality linen and duvets, especially as the weather cools during this season.

Opt for lined-curtains to keep the cold air out and layer your bedding to accommodate both the heat and the cold.

In the past, autumn interiors often meant rich colours to reflect nature – burnt orange, brown, beige and mustard. In reality however, trends are always changing and you don’t have to stick to conventional autumn tones to enhance your master suite for the seasons ahead.

Here are few non-traditional ideas to help you create your own personalised autumn retreat at home:

  • Go minimalist and keep things fresh in white. White is timeless and striking in any season. Get the look by decluttering and keeping your space clean, tidy and simple.
  • Embrace natural materials in the bedroom. The trend  is to create a refreshing place, where we can sleep and relax. Some of our favourite materials at this moment are wooden and woven furniture.
  • Rustic chic is beautiful and perfect for an autumn bedroom. Embrace raw materials, and move away from polished modern finishes to more distressed decor pieces.
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Invest in the right bed and ensure your bedroom works for you! A Sealy bed is a haven for you to escape to. After a busy day, your active muscles deserve to rest, recover and recharge your body for another beautiful day ahead. Sealy is devoted to helping you sleep better. The result of advanced ongoing research, every Sealy mattress is brilliantly engineered to support your body and align your spine as you sleep peacefully. The result is a healthy, restful sleep, night after night. It’s just what you need to perform at your best day after day.

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