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Dec 18, 2018

Sealy: 5 Things To Add To Your Guest Bedroom This Holiday

The holidays are here and you may be expecting guests from out of town. If so, it’s time to revamp your guest bedroom to suit your visitors and add style and comfort to your home. Here are a few great tips to help you create a cosy and inviting guest bedroom this festive season.

  1. Add fresh bedding.

Be sure to change out the bedding in your guest bedroom, especially if the room has been standing dormant for some time. Add clean, crisp sheets and new pillows (or give the old pillows are good wash). Don’t forget to add a few extra blankets to make for a more comfortable stay for your guests.

2. Clean out the closet

Carve out some space in the guest bedroom closet which can be used for your visitors. Be sure to have some hanging space and drawer space that your guests can use and access with ease.

3. Check the lighting

Ensure that the guest bedroom is well lit to accommodate your guest’s needs. Check the bulbs all-round, especially if they have not been in use for some time. Add a few essential side table lights and bring a sense of style to this room by updating the main light fixture with a more modern and appealing pendant or chandelier.

4. All about the details

Personalise the space to suit your guests. Add a few books on the bedside tables (or magazines); a few bedtime mints and even bottled water to give your visitors the best experience in your home. Other small details that should not be overlooked include a box of tissues, a bedside clock, fresh towels and more.

5. Add freshness

In an underused guest bedroom, the space may feel dull and stuffy. This is why it is vital to do a good clean of the room and add some freshness. A vase of fresh flowers, scented candles and essential oils may help to lift the room and bring a vibrancy to this space.

Let’s also not forget about the quality of your guest bedroom mattress. This will be essential if you expect your guests to enjoy a good night’s rest.

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