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Apr 3, 2019

Rise and Fall: Achieve True Simplicity With White Linen

White linen is a timeless addition to the bedroom. Crisp white cotton sheets have become an icon of style in the master suite. Here we share just a few reasons why white linen is always at the top of our list for an elegant interior.

Simple Elegance

White is a classic and will harmoniously blend into any bedroom, especially modern, minimalist and simple designs. Never dull or boring, white linen oozes sophisticated style and simple elegance that is unsurpassed. Ask hoteliers around the world, and they will agree that timeless white linen is a statement feature in any luxury abode. Unadorned, white bedding draws our attention to the main feature in the bedroom – our bed.

A Clean Palette

Crisp white cotton sheets are an easy way to lift the ambience of the bedroom – creating a fresh, appealing and classic appearance. White linen on your bed gives the impression of a newly decorated room, without the effort or expense of a complete bedroom makeover. A simple upgrade of your linen can have a surprising effect on the mood and overall look of your bedroom. And white will certainly help you achieve a new start.

Enhancing a Calm Space

Create a sanctuary for rest and relaxation in the bedroom. Calming tones are essential to achieve the look and feel here. White is always a winner as it evokes a sense of tranquillity and calm. In fact, when it comes to the psychology of colour, white is the lightest shade, and often hints at a sense of purity, innocence, and integrity. It is also considered to represent perfection, as it is the purest and most complete colour. White further represents new beginnings and can help to erase any trace of the past.


With Rise and Fall you can expect ‘simply better sleep’. Exceptionally comfortable bed sheets, made right. Try their 400 and 600 thread count, 100% extra-long staple cotton sheets and you will certainly keep coming back for more!

Rise & Fall bed linen is designed in London, made in India and now exclusively available in South Africa from Klooftique.

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