Numatic: Tips For A Cleaner, Calmer Bedroom

We are sticklers for a clean and tidy home. When it comes to the bedroom, there is nothing more rewarding that a tidy space for rest and relaxation. Here we share some of our top tips for cleaning your master suite and enhancing a calm, serene and inviting ambience in your bedroom.

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One would think that the bedroom is possibly one of the easiest rooms to clean, but with big furniture items such as a wardrobe and bed taking up space here, it is easy to overlook hidden dust and grime hidden in all the different nooks and under furniture.

For a thorough clean, be sure to move big furniture items out of the way – ask for help if you need to – and preferably move these to the side or completely out of your room. This way you can dust and vacuum without worry that you’re missing unsightly grime hidden under the chest of drawers or beneath your bed!

Start from the ceiling and work your way down. Invest in a good duster and a few micro-fibre cloths to help you get the job done. Be sure to dust those light fittings and your ceiling fan. Don’t overlook the skirtings and ceiling corners – as these are often not on a regular cleaning list.

Wipe down your wardrobe cupboard doors and drawers and declutter any counter tops and table tops from unwanted items that are creating disorder in your space.

Next, invest in a good multi-purpose vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust and get into all those corners. A good vacuum will go a long way in helping your bedroom feel refreshed and free of dust build up.

Change out drapes and linens and be sure to air (or wash) your duvet, mattress and pillows regularly. If you have bedroom blinds, be sure to wipe down each blade to remove dust and dirt. While you’re at it, you may also want to wipe down the window sills and frames.

The key to a serene bedroom is to keep things fresh and tidy. Keep counters clean and add fresh blooms – for both colour and fragrance in this space.

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