New Soulful Shades with Linen Drawer

Linen Drawer is excited to launch three new colourways for their quality bed linen. Choosing new shades for any product can be a daunting experience, but the professionals at Linen Drawer set about making a methodical and analytical choice to enhance their range.

Trends identified were Plants/Nature, Nautical/Sea, Opulence, New Nostalgia and Traditions Reworked. Colours associated with these were varied but the emphasis throughout was on deeper natural colours. The inspiration was taken from the plants, water, stones, minerals and animals that surround us. Armed with this information, Line Drawer analysed their existing product colours in order to see what was ‘missing’. They decided that they needed a light, medium and dark colour.

Sand: The light colour chosen is Sand – a wonderful tone that will complement and highlight many of their existing colours, such as taupe, duck-egg, cream, grey and white. Entirely natural, yet sophisticated, it is a welcome addition to the range.

Blue Vapour: This is the medium shade chosen – the colour of the deep blue sea on a cloudy day. This intense blue is both silvery and blue, and sits very well alongside the colours that Linen Drawer uses to produce their superb bed linen.

Slate: A sultry darker shade, Slate is not black, nor grey, but an intense mixture of the two. The result is a colour of incredible depth and resonance, reinforcing the modern trend of pared-down opulence. These new colours are available in 400 thread count Egyptian cotton percale. The sateen weave adds to the beauty of the fabric giving it a soft handle and wonderful depth of colour. The fabrics have been tested and have excellent colour and light fastness, meaning that they will stay beautiful for as long as you have them.

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