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Feb 7, 2019

Nest Brings Wobbel To South Africa

Nest Designs are thrilled to announce that they have secured the exclusive rights as agents for Wobbel in South Africa. Wobbel is a multi-functional, beautifully crafted, rocking balance board that moves young and old and everyone in between.

It originates from Waldorf education and has been in use for over 20 years. You and your kids are guaranteed hours of fun on this amazing board! “But what is it?”, you say. Is it a balance board, a rocking chair, a bridge, a step, a table, a racetrack, a lounger or a unicorn’s back? Adults will try to define it, but kids instinctively know what the endless possibilities are. As we are constantly finding out, they keep discovering and learning new and intelligent ways to play with the Wobbel.

The Wobbel Original is Wobbel’s most universal model. The Wobbel Pro is the twin sister of the Wobbel Original – but with a big difference! This Wobbel has recycled pressed felt on the underside of the board. This makes the Pro suitable for intensive use. The pressed felt consists mainly of recycled PET bottles. The felt reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and also on the Wobbel. The felt is also easy to clean.

This pressed felt finish on the underside of the board creates a beautiful and unique contrast with the lacquered beech wood. The Wobbel XL is Wobbel’s largest model and especially suitable for larger children (from about 7 years) and adults. Tip: Try it out as a rocking chair! Wobbel is exclusive to Nest in South Africa.

Specific benefits:

In use the Wobbel stimulates balance and strength supporting physical awareness through play. Whilst other exercises train big muscle groups, when the Wobbel is used as a training device, specific muscle groups can be isolated. This applies to children of all ages, adults and even the elderly. You can use it as a balancing tool for yoga too.

Open-ended Toy

Due to its unique design and versatile shape the Wobbel is perfect for promoting open-ended play. Children are always finding new uses for their Wobbel.


It’s an ideal step for bringing things within easy reach or it can be a stool to sit on. Kids can use it as a laptop desk for crafting or it can be used for serving a snack.

Peace and Quiet                                                                                                             

Wobbel works like a magnet on children, not only for exuberant and fun games with friends, but also for quiet moments and individual play. The perfect spot for curling up with a pillow and book – a little sanctuary where they can enjoy a quiet moment on their own.


Shaped in a simple, beautiful curve. It’s aesthetically pleasing and will look great in your living room or child’s bedroom. Here at Nest we are big fans of this gorgeous heirloom toy! Your child will  teach and show you daily how many creative uses he/she can find for the Wobbel. It will definitely grow with your child and family and be will be passed down from generation to generation.

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