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Jul 17, 2017

Loads of Living: 5 Steps to Perfect Ready Made Curtains

Curtains can easily soften the hard edges of interior designs and are great for creating sheer textures and adding colour and warmth to the home. Besides aesthetics, curtains also offer very practical solutions to blocking out the cold and light – and keeping warmth and heat inside.

Now you can shop for quality ready-made curtains from Loads of Living, following our useful tips to help you achieve a more polished look. Ready-made curtains can have the same effect as personalised, custom-made curtains. But you will need to know exactly what you are looking for to achieve a more elegant look. Here are six simple steps to consider before making the investment in superior curtains. 1. Measure up

Measure your windows and make adjustments, depending on how you want to hang your window treatments. It will save you another trip to the store if your curtains and rods are the right sizes.

2. Think about your room’s proportions

Make the room feel bigger by installing your curtain rods from the ceiling downwards. The extra length of your curtains will make the room seem elegantly taller than it actually is.

3. Get the right length

When you are purchasing ready-made curtains, make sure that they touch the floor, even if you have to buy the next size up and have them hemmed.

4. Consider the fullness and width

For a fuller look, opt for curtains that are twice the fullness of the space it will be filling. That way, when you close your curtains, they won’t easily stretch and will still look elegantly flowing in the right places.

5. Steam iron your curtains

There is nothing more unattractive than creased curtains, so steam iron them before you hang them for a clean, crisp appearance.

6. Match your hardware

Think about the style of the rod and finial and how it goes with the curtain style. Also, be sure that they will hold your curtain’s weight before investing in the hardware.

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