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Bedrooms Dec 9, 2023

Unwrap the spirit of Christmas with My Africa

As the holiday season descends upon us, Christmas fever is sweeping our shores. There’s no better way to celebrate the joy of giving than with My Africa‘s exquisite range of throws. Dive into the spirit of gifting with handpicked treasures that capture the essence of Africa.

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Explore the rich tapestry of African heritage with My Africa’s stunning range of throws from Aranda. Whether it’s the vibrant patterns or the luxurious feel, these throws are not just gifts; they’re stories woven with tradition and warmth. Here are a few gift ideas from the My Africa range of throws:

  • We recommend the timeless elegance our Xhosa inspired throws. These throws are based on the iconic stripes and patterns found in traditional Xhosa clothing and blankets. The predominant use of black and white speaks to the rich traditions of the Xhosa people.
  • In the range we have a vibrant Tsonga-inspired throw, paying homage to the lively ethnic group residing in South Africa and southern Mozambique. Renowned for their colourful traditional clothing, infectious music, and dynamic dance style, the Tsonga people infuse joy into every celebration. Women take centre stage during cultural festivities, adorned in the distinctive Xibelani wraparound skirts crafted from a kaleidoscope of bright materials, accentuated with intricate beadwork.
  • Gift your loved one with the My Africa Kanga inspired throw. The kanga, is a fabric cherished across Southern Africa, the Great Lakes region, and the Eastern coast. It is worn with flair by both women and men. The kanga is a versatile piece of printed cotton fabric, serving as a skirt, headdress, apron, or even a household item like a towel. Beyond its everyday use, the kanga carries profound cultural significance.
  • Through the Rwandan baskets inspired throw from My Africa, one can discover the artistry of Rwandan women. Their globally acclaimed woven baskets, serve as a testament to generations of skill passed from mother to daughter. Integral to Rwandan culture, these handcrafted baskets serve everyday purposes, like carrying food to grains. The agaseke, characterized by its conical fitted lid, becomes a vessel for meaningful gifts during ceremonies like weddings and christenings.


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This festive season, spread joy and warmth with unique gifts that celebrate the spirit of Africa. Explore the full range of My Africa’s top recommendations and seasonal products at Aranda, where the magic of Christmas comes alive in every carefully selected item. Embrace the season of giving with My Africa’s festive treasures, ensuring your loved ones unwrap moments of pure delight and happiness.

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