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Incanda Presents The NEW Buldan Bathroom Collection

We are excited to introduce the first selection of towels and bath rugs from Incanda. Situated in the hillsides of the Denizli province of Turkiye, lies the small town of Buldan. This unique little town of only 15 000 residents, is where these beautiful towels were made.

Buldan’s first looms and workshops were established as early as 800BCE, and throughout history, this small town has been renowned for its production of high-quality textiles and clothing. With the presence of natural springs in the area, and uniquely durable cotton growing in the surrounding areas, Buldan to this day remains a source of beautiful, high-quality textiles, using locally grown, water-wise cotton and linen.

Although technology has replaced many of the old hand-looms with large, computerized looms, the old values and traditions of the weaving industry here are kept alive by close collaboration with weavers and family businesses in the area. Buldans supports family businesses and home industries and has formed co-operations with them to keep the weaving tradition alive.

Buldans is a certified member of:

  • Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization which regulates the environmental impact of cotton farming globally.
  • BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and strives to ensure ethical compliance, environmentally and socially.
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and subscribes to using organic cotton and organically sourced products.

We are excited to share this new collection with you. You can view the entire collection at Incanda.

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