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At Home with Hinterveld

To the home of Hinterveld, from the remote parts of the Karoo – a land known for its dramatic landscapes and harsh climate. It is from here that we bring you Hinterveld’s latest luxurious collection of blankets and throws made from the world’s most precious natural fibres.

The Hinterveld story is one shared by many… a story of constant pursuit for perfection. From distant parts of the Karoo comes the fleece of the Angora Goat; Mohair – shorn by generations of farmers then continuing on its journey of refinement at the Hinterveld Mill where this raw fibre is transformed, along with other precious natural fibres, into one of the world’s most sought after blanket collections. The Hinterveld weaving mill in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, is devoted to the production of the finest quality Mohair and other natural fibre products, paying homage to this age-old process.

Remaining true to this artisanal craftsmanship, Hinterveld forms part of a 150 year old family owned business, merging generations of Mohair history and industry knowledge. Natural Elegance A delicate blend of Kid Mohair and Silk come together in this collection, the Natural Elegance range, which is the pinnacle of bliss. This classic yet minimalist weave offers a timeless assortment of soft colours, combined to create a subtle yet elegant finish with the hand-knotted fringe detail evoking style and elegance. Pharos With simple, clean lines and shades of natural colours, the Pharos collection is a beautiful blend of Alpaca, Wool, Silk and Nylon. Soft to the touch, the bouclé Pharos throws are a great non-brushed alternative. Meaning lighthouse or beacon, the Boucle Pharos Throw range celebrates the elements: land, sea and sky.   Contact: Hinterveld.

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