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Sleep beautifully in Falucca Fine Linen

Select the best bedding for your requirements with these vital insights from Falucca Fine Linen.

  Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, the place you can go to escape. In that room, your bed is the furniture piece you’ll use most, making what you choose to put on it a matter of great importance. Falucca Fine Linen offers a few helpful points to consider when you choose your bedding.

Put the best on top Take your time selecting the type of fabric that suits your sleeping requirements. Bed linen should certainly look good, but it must also be the kind that helps you get the best quality sleep possible.   Go with natural fabrics With that in mind, natural fabrics such as flax linen and Egyptian cotton are two good options for breathability and comfort.   While Egyptian cotton that’s woven in a sateen weave offers a silky smooth sleep experience, a flax linen fabric is more textured. Both options offer great sleep benefits and of course, a totally different look and feel for the bedroom. View Falucca Fine Linen Collections.   Get the look you want Go for Egyptian cotton bedding when you’re looking for a classic look and feel. For a more informal look, flax linen does the job beautifully. Flax is known for its crinkly, rustic look that’s perfect in a more contemporary, relaxed bedroom setting. Work from the inside out Opt for quality inners such as down or down alternative pillow and duvet inners with the density and weight that suits your preferences – after all, these are the foundations for good quality sleep. To enjoy the full benefit of your Falucca Fine Linen, make sure that your fitted and flat sheets are also made of the natural fabric of your choice as these are the two pieces that you’ll come into contact with most when you climb into bed. Make your bed perfectly yours and you’ll be sure to sleep beautifully!  

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