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Bayede! Tabling – A Reflection of Africa From Linen Drawer

Happy Spring Day! This season, we’re looking forward to sharing meals with our loved ones, serving dishes that are wholesome and delicious and setting the table to reflect the love that went into the preparation of the meal.

What’s a beautiful table setting without table linen? Linen Drawer provides top quality tabling, offering unique African-inspired designs in their Bayede! collection, produced in South Africa – perfect for a South African braai! Be inspired by the colours and energy of Africa and turn every meal into an adventure. Read further down for how to best care for your tabling set.

African Waves:

African Waves Range is inspired by the African sunsets over the fields, with their waving patterns of maize, pumpkins and beans in the fields. This range uses traditional rick-rack to depict the inspiration. This is a design suited to a spirited colourful lifestyle so loved by Africans worldwide.

Fields of Blue:

This range is inspired by the “lappies” (patches) of vegetables and maize that grow next to each house in the rural villages of Zululand, and indeed in most of Africa. They form a pattern that is both contrasting and harmonious.

Mono Black:

Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of African life, in all its forms, this design lends itself to inspired accessorising.

Mono White:

Inspired by the quintessential African symbol of the Zebra, and the natural elegance of the playful equine, this design is suited to any occasion.

Royal shields:

Inspired by the shields of the warriors who protect the Royal King, this design brings the colours and textures of Africa together in a bright harmony.

Tribal Huts:

The Tribal Huts Range is inspired by the beautiful round grass/thatch roofs of Zulu huts and using the ShweShwe fabric in conjunction with contrast binding in a truly traditional manner.

Understanding your Tabling Care label:

Care labels on any product can be confusing and getting the care instructions wrong can do serious damage to your precious tabling. To increase the lifespan of your table linen, it is important to launder correctly. 

The care labels on table linen can be broken down as follows:


Most tablecloths are manufactured from either:
• 100% cotton or
• Blends of polyester with cotton or
• Polyester


All fibre types should be washed at low temperatures to increase the lifespan of the table cloths. We do of course realise that in order to remove stains you will need to wash at higher temperatures – check the label before doing so, as shrinkage may occur if the products weren’t manufactured to allow for this. The general recommendation is to wash at 40°C to 60°C.


It is not recommended that cotton fabrics be bleached as the bleach can degrade and break down the cotton fibre. Polyester cotton fabrics are less sensitive to bleach. In both cases, it is of utmost importance to ensure when using bleach it is correctly diluted, treatment in cold water and all residue of the bleach removed before washing. Should fabrics not be rinsed thoroughly, and washed at higher temperatures, it will probably result in holes. Do not bleach any coloured fabrics, as this will lead to fading and white spots on your table linen.


Generally, hand irons should be sufficient for the ironing of tablecloths and serviettes. Certain press irons, should your establishment have one, will also work very well. The tablecloths and serviettes should be ironed with a warm iron.

In the case of cotton table linen, ensure that the products aren’t over dried as this makes ironing much tougher and time-consuming. When ironing polyester table cloths or serviettes they must be carefully ironed with a cool iron to ensure that the polyester doesn’t scorch.


These products can normally be tumble dried. Of course over drying should be avoided as far as possible.

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