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Jan 21, 2018

Get Better Sleep With These 3 Simple Tips For the Bedroom

Sleep takes up at least one-third of our lives and yet we try not to give it too much thought, that is until we have a bad night’s rest and we’re longing for better sleep! Your bed and bedroom can make all the difference so here we share our top tips to ensure a more rested you!

1.Schedule Your Sleep It may sound like an odd thing to do, but before you even plan to restructure your bedroom or buy a new comfy mattress, ensure that you will get enough rest every night. Schedule at least 8 hours of sleep for peak daytime performance. Set a reminder, if you must, and ensure that you get to bed at a decent hour every night to get all the rest that your body needs to function. Without good quality sleep over an extended period, your entire wellbeing will begin to suffer. 2. It’s all in the Mattress? Are you sleeping on the same old mattress you bought over a decade ago when you first moved in? Perhaps it is time to upgrade. A mattress should offer the right balance between firmness and comfort to give you the best night of sleep! Spend time testing out different mattresses in store and opt for the one that suits you best. Whether memory foam, or a spring mattress, be sure that you choose one to complement your lifestyle, offer you support for the body, and feels comfortable, from head to toes! 3. Declutter the Bedroom Your bedroom may need an overhaul if it’s filled with things that may distract you from a good night of sleep. This means moving the television out of the master bedroom and ensuring that your room is a technology-free space. Choose calming tones for the walls and declutter the junk that may overwhelm the senses. If you find vibrant shades and patterns stressful, opt for a neutral colour scheme with calming shades to promote sleep – grey, white and even green will work best in a calming colour scheme.

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