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Vox4You Brings New Life To Your Home

Furniture acts as the backdrop to our lives, thus it’s important that we buy furniture that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. The 4You Collection from VOX gives you all this and so much more. From sleek dining room solutions to comfortable bedroom aesthetics, the 4You Collection brings it all together. Let’s take a closer look at what 4You brings to the “table”.

A Dining And Living Space That Speak Volumes To Living Our Best Lives 4You brings an element of elegance and style to your living space with a selection of furniture items that have a modern contemporary design and are multi-functional. A clear testament to this is the 4You Dining Table. The large top hides a clever recess container for fresh herbs, condiments, candles or fruit, which can be neatly closed to create an even tabletop surface. The open alcoves under the top – three on each side – may be filled with six drawers designed for the collection, to provide decorative accents and to use for neat storage. The drawers are double-sided with a choice of white drawer front on one side and natural oak front on the other. The modern laminated board surfaces are resistant to damage and damp and easy to keep clean. For friends who pop in for coffee, the 4You Coffee Table is a functional piece that is mobile and beautiful to look at. Its cube design gives it ample space to serve and with wheels underneath, the coffee table becomes a mobile piece of furniture. Each of the 4 sides has 4 cube cut outs that fit the large 4You Storage Boxes, available in a selection of colours to suit your personal taste and add some colour to the design of the table. You can store magazines, decor elements and your favourite board games here for easy entertaining.

4 You

As cities grow bigger, we need our living spaces to become versatile in their use of space. The 4You Two-Sided Bookcase can help with this as it easily divides a room. Create an office nook right in your living room by adding the 4You Dressing Table/Desk. This fits perfectly on top of the third shelf of the bookcase making it easy for you to reach the things you need when you are working from home. 4You Storage Boxes can be added to the Bookcase to give it a more colourful look and feel. In addition, the 4You Low Chest of Drawers can be used with the 4You Dressing Table/Desk for added storage of your files and office essentials. The 4You Dressing Table/Desk comes as a combination piece with either the Two-Sided Bookcase or the Low Chest of Drawers, but you can purchase the last mentioned items on their own too. A Teen Bedroom That is Dreamy The 4You Canopy Bed brings another level of comfort to your teen’s bedroom. The bed has a modern design with a higher back panel to create a daybed, and the beautiful wooden canopy can be draped for a dreamy atmosphere. The bed can be mounted in two separate positions, on the floor or a bit higher to allow for storage underneath. For additional functionality you can purchase the 4You Storage Drawer to accommodate toys, sporting gear, books or shoes. The 4You Cupboard works brilliantly as a storage and display unit for your bedroom. Different sized items can easily be stored in this cupboard with its functionally divided interior. It is asymmetrically divided so you can display your favourite keepsakes in the open spaces. It has two high shelves, one with a spacious easy-slide drawer, and a classic drinks-style cabinet containing different-sized storage areas. The bottom shelves have silent system doors and additional shelving space.   For more on the 4You Collection go to voxfurniture.co.za/4-you-furniture/. 4You is delivered to your doorstep nationwide by voxfurniture.co.za. Contact: Vox

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