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Vencasa Launches New De Waterkant Store

Vencasa, The World Leaders in Sleep, held an official and exclusive opening event, unveiling their brand-new store in the urban renewal Media Quarter in De Waterkant.

Vencasa, the only home of Tempur, Micro-Tech and Magniflex to name a few, opened their new flagship store in true style. Guests were welcomed into the awe-inspiring, spacious Scandi-style store with a glass of bubbles and delectable afternoon snacks. The store was alive with the sound of people talking excitedly about the wide range of mattresses, pillows and accessories. The depth in the variety of choices, range of price-points and premium quality offering longevity, were most commented on. The value of investing in quality sleeping solutions, is indisputable.

Greg Smart, CEO of Pharmaline, greeted guests, thanked them for coming and spoke proudly about the new store and their journey to create a space for the world’s best sleep brands. Vencasa has partnered with global and local experts to bring a wide range to the South African market. The Showroom showcases mattresses, headboards, bases and frames, side tables, lamps, occasional furniture, ottomans, linen, pillows and luxurious bedroom accessories, with several price points to accommodate their wide clientele. Vencasa is made for people looking for a high quality, yet affordable range of products, and the store reflects that.

“We have seen a need in the market for mattresses that are both quality and affordable. There is currently a gap between expensive sleep solutions and cheap mattresses, the latter having a short lifespan and counterproductive to health.” explains Greg.

“Our drive is to fill this gap with premium products, that are priced realistically, with mattresses starting from R 12 999 upwards. Essentially, our value proposition is to provide the greatest sleep products at a practical price. We source the best products worldwide, the best technology to cater to the diverse needs of sleep lovers and in doing so have learnt that building trust is key and as such, we strive to position ourselves as ‘The Sleep Experts’”.

Greg shared the most recent news of the extension of the range to include Micro-Tech from Tempur and Magni-Stretch mattresses. Plus, following the success of the first Vencasa Pillow Bar, in the country, in Sandton City, the second one has recently opened in Clearwater Shopping Centre. There are 29 different pillows on display, and Vencasa consultants available to advise on the best pillow for you. The lounge and scented pillows being the newest in the collection. A definite scent-sation!

A firm favourite includes the innovative product, SleepSpec, which promotes healthy sleep by blocking out the blue light, emitted by mobile screens, laptops and TVs. The artificial light from LED lights is believed to be responsible for wrecking our sleep. The high levels of blue light suppress melatonin production – the hormone needed for sleep. SleepSpec glasses are an easy solution.

A highlight was when Dr Dale Rale, shared her experience on the Power of Sleep. Dr Dale Rae is a Senior Researcher in the Health through Physical Activity Lifestyle and Sport Research Centre within the Faculty of Health Sciences at UCT. Her research focuses on Sleep physiology and Chronobiology (the study of the body’s circadian (24h) rhythms). She is particularly interested in how sleep is associated with health (obesity, non-communicable diseases) and performance. Dr Rae is also the Director of Sleep Science at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), which offers sleep assessment, coaching and education services to the public.

Says Dr Dale Rae, “With today’s frenetic 24/7 availability and mentality of fitting in as much as we can in a day – many of us sacrifice sleep to gain ‘extra time’, thinking that we will be able to do more; be better people who give more – or successfully climb the corporate ladder faster than others. The reality is that compromised sleep compromises our performance in the short term, and our health in the long term.”

Guests listened intently while lounging on the beds, sipping bubbly and eating delicious snacks, followed by testing the pillows and experiencing the Tempur Sleep Centre. Greg explained, “Vencasa means ‘come home’, and the new stores portray that superbly. We invite our guests to feel at home and take their time when choosing a mattress and sleep solution. Bring a book and relax in our stores.”

For more visit www.vencasa.co.za.

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