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Fun and Functional Bedroom Ideas with Ashley Furniture

The bedroom truly is that one place you can decorate to meet your needs, without the consideration of the rest of the family or the worry over what visitors will say. Your bedroom is all yours – so be sure to decorate it with fun and functional pieces that will make it a magical room.

Start with a Bed

You begin and end your day in your bedroom, so be sure to invest in a quality bed for the ultimate relaxation and a good night’s rest. Your bed should be the anchoring piece of your bedroom so choose wisely.

Depending on the size of your room, bigger is often better. If your room and budget can easily accommodate a king sized bed or one with extra length, then this may be worth the splurge. It’s all about added comfort and affordability.

Finding the right bed is easy with Ashley Furniture. Boasting high levels of craftsmanship, their range of the most royal of beds charm their way into your life before you even realize it. Perhaps it’s the beautifully tufted headboards or the richly finished designs etched into the rails and footboards. Whatever the reason, you’ll be sure to find a bed to meet your needs.

A Bedside Table

Besides the bed, choose bedside tables or nightstands that will offer practical support and style to your room. Often matching nightstands complement your bed beautifully, but you could also opt for contrast and choose something unique and different to add a new level of style to the bedroom. Shop around and find the right fit for you. What do you need a nightstand most for? A place to put down your glasses, water, reading book? A spot to house a bedside lamp or a beautiful vase of flowers? Consider the style and size before making your choice.

The Perfect Dresser

Another staple in the master bedroom is a dresser or chest of drawers. This is a great place to keep all your things in order and to keep your room tidy and free from clutter. Choose a dresser or chest of drawers in a complementary material as your bed for a symmetrical look, or go bold and shop around until you find a style that catches your eye.

Ashley Furniture offers a wide range of bespoke furniture to help you transform your bedroom. Here you will find all the essentials to add fun and functionality to your space.

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