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May 21, 2020

Finishing Touches: 4 Headboard Ideas For The Bedroom

Create a statement master bedroom with a beautiful headboard that fits your personality. Whether you choose a bold colour palette or a bespoke upholstered design, there is a headboard to suit every taste. Here we share four of the best headboard ideas to transform your space, with thanks to Finishing Touches.

  1. All-White Headboard Sophistication

It’s no secret that if you’re hoping to create an ultra calm and zen-like ambience in the bedroom, that you will certainly need to tone down the colour palette and enhance a simple, minimalist and calm space. An all-white headboard can certainly add much appeal to any Nordic-inspired bedroom. It will add chic appeal while enhancing a calm, clean and bright bedroom environment. Achieve the look with a simple white statement headboard to impress.

2. The Classic Studded Headboard

Go for a classic look with a beautiful studded headboard in a fabric and colour of your choice. Diamond buttons will add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your bedroom while a darker fabric will be easier to keep clean and maintain. The simple studded headboard is a timeless addition to a serene master bedroom and will be sure to elevate your space in true style.

3. Vertical Panels

If you’re looking for something different to add definition to your bedroom, a sleek headboard with vertical panels can add that design element you’re looking for. You can pair different fabrics to complement each panel and create a truly customised look, or go for a single classic upholstery choice for a more pulled-together designer appearance. Vertical panels is a sure way to add a tactile aesthetic to your master suite.

4. A Pop Of Colour

You don’t have to stick to the rules. In fact, if you love colour and want to infuse your space with vibrancy, choose a bright coloured headboard to make a statement. Opt for a colour that adds drama and contrast to the tones in your bedroom. Bright yellows, orange and red will bring the heat while a simple black or blue headboard can add a dose of colour to create a sultry and intimate space.

At Finishing Touches you can specify your own selections and create a truly authentic and personalised headboard for your space. Designing your own headboard is as easy as 1…2…3… for your home!

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