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Jun 13, 2019

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Dress Dad’s Bed With Rise and Fall

A luxury bed is a worthy investment. It will not only add to your overall bedroom comfort, but will also help you rest and improve your general health and well-being. Give dad the gift of sleep this Father’s Day. Here’s a simple guide to choosing the best linen and bedding for that special man in your life.

Quality always wins!

You can’t fake superior, quality sheets. Gift your dad the best linen and always choose quality to ensure a comfortable, well-deserved sleep. Fresh, crisp linens are ideal. For exceptionally comfortable bed sheets, made right, shop your dad’s linen at Rise and Fall. Try their 400 and 600 thread count, 100% extra-long staple cotton sheets for a little added luxury to any bedoir!

Keep it simple and fresh.

Crisp white sheets are a staple in any bedroom, so be sure to purchase a set of superior white sheets to up your dad’s style and comfort factor in the bedroom. Rise and Fall provides exclusive sheets which are incredibly soft to the touch and highly breathable. They are also Oeko-Tex certified (which means no nasty chemicals) and will ensure an eco and ethical solution for the bedroom.

Don’t forget the pillows

The right pillow can certainly enhance your night time experience. Choose pillows that are not only soft and springy, but ones that will offer the right support. Be sure to change out pillows regularly – so if your dad has been using the same pillows forever, it is definitely time to invest in a new set.

How do you know if your dad needs new sheets?

Do some investigation and find out if it’s time to purchase your dad some new linen. Your dad will most likely need new sheets if:

  • His old sheets are broken, tatty or discoloured.
  • Stains are visible.
  • Your once white sheets are more greyish in colour.
  • You’re not sure when last your dad had new sheets.

Find the best sheets, linen and more at Rise and Fall.


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