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Nov 29, 2018

Falucca Fine Linen Introduces its Oyster Colour Palette

Familiarity and comfort are important ingredients in the recipe for good rest. Add a touch of both to your holiday with the new Oyster colour palette in the Signature Collection from Falucca Fine Linen. You deserve only the best when it comes to a good night’s rest.

Oysters have always denoted luxury and charm. Not only are they a delicacy to enjoy at the table, the oyster is known to turn a grain of sand into a beautiful pearl. It’s this organic pearlescence that’s offered in this new colour palette; a touch of silvery white in the cool morning light turns into a warm glow in the afternoon sun.

There’s nothing that comes close to the feeling of waking up in your own bed (the bed you chose because it has just the right combination of firm to soft), and feeling your equally carefully chosen bedding snuggled around you. Imagine if you could take this feeling with you wherever you travel? With our beautiful, high quality bed linen, we believe you can enjoy this amazing feeling no matter where you rest your head.

“A touch of silvery white in the cool morning light turns into a warm glow in the afternoon sun.”

The Falucca Fine Linen Signature Collection is made using high quality Egyptian Cotton fabric in our Cape Town studio. We check and double check every detail to ensure the final product is not only perfect but long-lasting too, so that you can enjoy your Falucca for years to come.

Here are just a few ways the Oyster palette will elevate your sleep experience and bedroom decor:

Falucca Linen visits the African plains

Escape the frenetic anxiety of the city, and feel as if you’ve been swept off to the wide, open space of the African plains the minute you slip into your bed; beautifully made up in the Falucca Linen Oyster with a single satin stitch detail in Shadow.

The natural tones of the Oyster makes it perfectly suited to being incorporated into an earthy decor look.

Falucca Linen’s Parisian Boudoir

Spend a languid and sensual morning in bed catching up on rest and indulging in the finer things in life. Luxuriate in the satin-like texture of your high quality Egyptian Cotton Oyster bed linen from Falucca Linen and feel truly 1900s Parisian!

For this look, we chose a double Oxford border in Oyster – it’s an understated yet luxurious detail, one that offers unfussy elegance. For something a little different, we used Shadow as the first border.

Falucca Linen goes casual coastal

Let the sound of laughter and waves lapping the beach be the inspiration for your Oyster palette style. Imagine the feeling of cool, natural bedding enveloping sun-kissed skin after a wonderful day spent outdoors. The fresh ocean air and the high quality Egyptian Cotton fabric combine to bring you the most outstanding sleep you’re likely to ever get.

Love these looks or have a specific style idea for your bed? Find them at the Falucca Linen online shop.

Have any questions? Email Falucca Fine Linen at info@faluccalinen.co.za or call Cherie on 082 548 4703.


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