Falucca Fine Linen: Craftsmanship that turns into a perfect night’s sleep

Everyone appreciates just how essential a beautifully dressed bed is to the overall look and feel of a bedroom. Yet, all too often the bed is an afterthought, even when it is the focal point.

When it comes to bed linen, Falucca Fine Linen not only offers total luxury, but also tasteful bed styling solutions. Their turnkey service is aimed at assisting designers and decorators who require superior quality bed linen for their clients. Now you can find the finest Egyptian cotton and Flax linen bedding crafted locally.

Falucca Fine Linen’s trade service includes:

  • Egyptian cotton, True linen and percale collections
  • Customised sizing in Signature and True Linen Collections
  • Bespoke designs in Signature Collection
  • Full range of inners, 100% cotton quilted protectors and towels

  • Benefit from their extensive knowledge of natural fabrics and bed linen, bed and bedding sizing and how to style beds well
  • On site bed dressing. They come to your site prepared with your full order ironed and beautifully dress the beds to assist you and your team to meet your completion deadline. Available in Cape Town only.

From the design brief to the final dressing of beds on site, Falucca Fine Linen make it their business to make yours easier. Established in 2006, Falucca Fine Linen is a supplier of top quality Egyptian cotton and Flax linen bedding.

Visit Falucca Fine Linen for more.



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