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Feb 21, 2018

Airborne Microbes: Easy Ways to Minimize Dust In Your Home

Most of the dust in your home comes from dead skin cells and hardly visible fabric fibres that drift on the slightest wind current and somehow reside on each surface in your home. And we all know that household dust creates many problems, such as allergies, colds, eye irritations, and itchy noses,  just to name a few. It is important to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to help eliminate dust. Marcia’s vacuum of choice comes from the Numatic range of innovative machines!

Here we share some top tips to help you beat dust!

Organize Your Wardrobe

What does your wardrobe have to do with dust, you may be wondering? Your closet is actually a sanctuary for dust build-up, especially on clothing that may be out of season and hanging for months on end. Your closets (clothing and linen cupboards) may be full of fabric fibres from towels, clothes and different materials stored inside. This is the perfect spot for dust to settle. Just think, every time you open your cluttered wardrobe, you are sending layers of dust from clothing back into the rest of your home. The solution is strangely simple. Box up anything that is on your cabinet shelves that you do not use regularly. Clear plastic containers often work best as these can be sealed from dust and you can still visibly see the contents on the inside. Placing apparel that you are not going to wear in the current season into clear garment bags to limit the spread of dust.

Fresh Air

Dust loves dormant, dark and stagnant places to settle in. Ensure your home remains dust-free by regularly letting in fresh air through open windows and doors.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

When you are trying to clean dust off surfaces, the best supplies to consider include wax sprays and oil on dry rags or merely a damp washcloth, depending on how big the surface is that you are cleaning. Washcloths that pull dust with waxes or oils can work fine but may leave some residue on furniture so you will need to wipe it again with a cloth. The aim is to eliminate dust, and not to spread it unknowingly, while you are cleaning. Sadly, dry rags and feather dusters are not always your best bet.

Clean Your Bed Every Week

Dust multiplies very quickly when you do not keep your linens clean. By merely cleaning your bed linen weekly, you can ensure that the number of dead skin and fabric fibres within your sheets will be down to a minimum, which reduces the quantity of dust in your household in general. Also, shake out some of the dust from your cushions and use the vacuum to clean your mattresses…. which brings us to our next point.

Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are great for keeping dust to a minimum in your home. These can be used in every little nook and cranny, from cleaning high up against your ceiling boards, to vacuuming underneath those items where it is hard to reach by hand. Marcia loves the latest Numatic range of quality vacuum cleaners. Here innovative technology and a wide selection of Numatic cleaners ensure that you always have the right product for the job to ensure a cleaner home.

Consider Beating Your Cushion and Rugs

Your carpets may serve as massive dust storage. sponging up fabric fibres and dead skin cells with ease.  Vacuum your rugs at least once a week, or sometimes more if you suffer from allergies. However, a good old shake outdoors may also do the trick. Simply hang your rug outdoors and give it a good beating to remove stubborn dust stuck in the fibres. The same treatment should apply to your cushions.  Consider beating your cushions in your backyard as well, or you can simply utilize slipcovers to protect them.

Author’s Bio:

Lisa Jones is a blogger who loves decorating her home. She is also a health enthusiast, and she constantly reads online articles on how to keep her house beautiful and clean. When available, Lisa loves to run around her neighbourhood to stay fit.

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