DIY Clothing Racks For Trendy Bedrooms

We often spend phenomenal amounts of money on quality clothing, just for it all to be crammed away behind bland closet doors. Why not showcase your favourite pieces in a fun DIY clothing rack that will become a feature in your bedroom! Here are a few fun ideas to inspire some DIY creations of your own!

Instead of hiding away your precious clothing items, why not select your favourite pieces, or perhaps your chosen set of clothing for the next day, and hang them up in a beautiful DIY display in your bedroom. Suspend a rope from the ceiling, or between adjacent walls, and hang your favourite coats, shirts and accessories neatly from hangers.

For a more rustic look, choose a solid wood pole or thick bamboo and let these be the anchor on which you hang your clothing! For a pop of colour, choose a vibrant colour rod, such as this fun sunshine yellow rod suspended from the ceiling, for a playful tone to your bedroom. A fun copper pipe could also make for a great Industrial chic bedroom clothing rail! Think out of the box and recycle some materials into this nifty little device for your bedroom!

If you’re renting your home, suspension rods and wall installations may be a problem. But do not fret. You can also easily DIY a creative clothing rack on a stand that can be moved about and positioned on the floor in your room. Choose two metal stands or create your own unique wooden frame with a suspension rod in the middle for all your hanging items. We love the look for a kiddie’s room or nursery where you can proudly showcase some of your favourite onesies and baby clothing that are just too adorable to pack away and out of sight.

Make them a feature in your child’s room and create a customised DIY clothing rack to suit the space. Besides aesthetic benefits of showcasing your favourite items, a clothing rack is also great to help air your clothing and keep them looking and smelling fresher for longer. Rotate the pieces you have on show so that your clothes do not become cramped, creased and dull behind wardrobe doors. A clothing rack also creates space, so your clothes will be crease and wrinkle free after they are ironed and on display.

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