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Apr 26, 2017

Declutter your wardrobe in three simple steps

Our wardrobes often get filled with many different things from many different eras – new purchases, outdated trends, clothing that no longer fits, and let’s not even mention that cute pair of jeans you once wore in college… If space is limited, good organization can truly be a lifesaver.

Spend some time unpacking the wares of your wardrobe and create three piles that will determine the amount of clothing and accessories you will choose to keep, throw out, or donate. Simple yet empowering, these three simple steps will help you regain control of your cupboards, and life.


By rule of thumb, if you have not worn an item in your closet for over six months, then quite frankly, it is time to throw it out. Such items take up crucial space in our cupboards. We may hold onto worn-out items of clothing that will probably never come back into fashion. Perhaps it is time to part ways and make space for new, fresh items that highlight who you are now. Throw out any broken, faded and outdated fashion items that are taking up critical space and rather choose to fill this space with the things you love and wear often.


You may come across items that are still in a great condition, but that you probably will never wear again. Add these to a new ‘donation’ pile and be sure to find a local charity that would be able to disperse your unwanted goods to the needy. Clothing in this pile may be the wrong size or colour; they may still look and feel great, but no longer appeal to your current tastes and trends. Remember, seasons change and fashions fade. Rather make space for this season’s current trends as opposed to keeping onto things that no longer work in enhancing your inner beauty and personality.


We all have those favourite items of clothing that we wear all the time. These items should be the first in your ‘keep’ pile, along with any other essentials that you feel add to your current style. Fill your wardrobe with the things you absolutely love and say goodbye to those mornings where everything in your wardrobe seems dull and unappealing. Do you need a wardrobe makeover?

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