Clever Little Monkey: T is for Tuli and Toddlers

The Tuli range by Vox is made with the inspiration of the perfect toddler furniture, in a perfect toddler world. The Tuli range has been specially designed for toddlers. The Toddler/Tuli room is envisioned to be a place of independent exploration for a child.

Staying true to the nature and inspiration of the collection, the pieces are perfect for tiny hands which are still developing motor skills and they are easily stackable to maximise on space and keep things tidy. The subtle colour of the Tuli range is perfect for maximising space without compromising on design.

Key features of this unique range include:

  • Easily stackable
  • Conforms to EU Safety Standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality materials

The collection boasts various toddler stools, tables and a bookcase, complete with little spaces for your little one’s fingers, for them to easily move their stools, (how very Montessori!).

The stools come in the following soft colours: yellow & mint, yellow & pink, white & blue, mint & blue, and the tables come in white & pink and yellow & mint. Now say that quickly 3 times!

The tables match the stools, and then to complete this cute collection, there is a mint bookcase!

The stools and tables are easily stacked to save space and just as easily retrieved for use.

Pair them with the bookshelf and you have clever toy and book storage with style.

Tuli is exclusively available from Vox and Clever Little Monkey, so you will not be able to get this seriously smart and space-saving toddler range anywhere else!

For more visit Clever Little Monkey.


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