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Aug 28, 2018

Chrysalis Linen: A Winter’s Bed

This winter, stay in and indulge in the Chrysalis collection of luxurious Egyptian cotton, pure down inners, feather beds and cosy bath sheets, all made of 100% cotton, to create the perfect winter boudoir.

To begin, ensure you have a fitted sheet with elasticized corners to prevent any creases or folds creating the ultimate comfort in bed and a good night’s sleep.

The Chrysalis flat sheets are 100% cotton, available in 200, 300 or 400 thread count also known as Egyptian cotton. As Egyption cotton (400 thread count) has longer fibres than regular cotton, the sheets are softer. When looking at buying new linen, the thread count is significant, but cotton above 300 to 400 thread count doesn’t feel very different as it is just thinner thread being used.

A duvet is a down or fibre filled blanket. Chrysalis offers a range of duvets to suit you. The micro-fibre filled with a synthetic duvet is non-allergenic hollow fibre that mimics down in feel and comfort and is machine washable.

The box-quilt down and feather duvets filled with 90% duck down and 10% small feathers are ideal for those icy winter nights. Cool in summer and warm in winter you will never sleep under anything else again. The top of the range, Vivaldi duvet is the duvet to fit your needs no matter the season. This double layer duvet consists of a light-weight down duvet to be used during the warmer summer months and a medium-weight duvet to be used during the cooler Autumn and Spring months. These two duvets can be clipped together to create a heavy-weight warm duvet for those cold winter nights. Available in queen, king and king extra length.

Chrysalis Linen duvets are constructed with a baffle box quilted structure to prevent any shifting of the feathers or micro-fibre. Casings are made of 100% cotton percale fabric mercerized and are down proof, available in all sizes. Duvet covers are used for both warmth, decoration and to protect your duvet. The advantage of a duvet cover is that it can be washed easily without harming the expensive duvet inside it.

The perfect pillow for you is important to ensure that you are comfortable all night and don’t wake up with a sore neck or back. The Chrysalis pillows come in either a synthetic fibre as per the duvet or duck down filling. Pillows are available in standard size (45cm x 70cm) and king pillow (50cm x 90cm). All inners are beautifully piped around the edges for strength and longevity.

Chrysalis linen sets are available in a variety of bespoke styles to purchase online or from the Chrysalis store. Alternatively, choose your own patterns, pictures and colours of embroidery create your own unique set.

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