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Volpes: Winter Beds For Kids of All Ages

With winter here, it is time to reconsider your child’s linen and décor in your kids’ bedrooms. Luckily, local linen specialist, Volpes, is your one-stop-shop to turn basic bedrooms into winter wonderlands. Plus, we share some tips on how to revamp your kids’ rooms, without spending a fortune.

The kids’ linen from Volpes this season is gorgeous, and you can choose from two different designs. Dean (for boys) is all about letters from the alphabet in blue and white, whereas Leslie (for girls) boasts polka dots in pinks, greys and greens. Both designs come in various sizes: polycotton, 3/4, double and queen and even have ready to hang fully lined curtains in the same design to complete the look.


The good news is that everything can be mixed and matched, so that you can create a stylish look by matching the base colours or “fun it up” with contrasting colours. There are also fabulous novelty scatters to add to the mix (think various textures and designs, such as maps), layer the look in winter with warm and soft brushed cotton winter sheets, that are easily swopped out for cotton in summer. Just add a throw or blanket for extra warmth and all that’s left is a little imagination and you are done!

Some fun and easy ways to revamp your kids’ room (without spending a fortune):

A lick of paint…

Leslie Duvet Girls

The easiest way to transform the room is to give it a new splash of colour or add a complementary colour to the existing colour scheme. Another way to liven up the room with a bit of colour is by painting furniture in soothing colours such as shades of blue, lilac or a soft yellow.

Create a mini art gallery…

Not sure what to do with the endless artwork that your kids bring home from school? 
Install a pin board or paint and an allocated wall space for a gallery and dress with lots of frames that will then be exclusively reserved for works of art that you can change up as often as you like. Pick the background colour from one of the colours in the design to ensure continuity in the rooms design.

Create wall art…

For little girls create a design with 3 D butterflies in matching colours  – make them yourself from patterns that are easy to find on the web. If you are really brave sprinkle the wall with gold metallic dots or search for other easy paper crafts that are inexpensive and fun to make.

For the boys gather a variety of different sized letter cut outs and create an artwork above the bed.  You can find letters at any craft shop.


Breakout the sewing machine and create a collection of little flags in a variety of prints and patterns in coordinating colours that will work for both girls and boys spaces.

Clear the clutter…

A kid’s room is meant to be fun – but can easily become overwhelmed with an abundance of clutter. Give seriously old toys to a charity (take your kids with your when you drop off the items), then simply display the most beautiful items. Try to group them by theme (teddy bears, dinosaurs and so on). Likewise, you can change up the items as they grow from kids to tweens. For the rest, buy a few inexpensive boxes and wooden crates for added storage.

For more visit Volpes.


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