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How to Plan the Perfect Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist bedrooms can be the ideal space to disconnect from the world and enjoy rest and relaxation when you most need it. This style can be beautiful in its simplicity but isn’t always easy to pull off. Here we share some great tips to help you create your own minimalist bedroom.

Colour is key In the majority of bedrooms, a clean, crisp wall colour helps to set the stage. White is the perfect choice here, but if your room is on the darker side with minimal lighting, choose a soft pastel or grey tone to achieve the look. Clean, open walls will enhance the look. Don’t be tempted to fill the wall space as a clean palette is important to achieve the desired look.

Bedding As with the wall colour, a neutral choice in bed linen is important to achieve a minimalist style. Avoid patterns or a mixture of colours. Choose a simple tone in quality thread for the ultimate look. White is always a classic but you could dress up you bed with a grey, denim or beige duvet too, and still achieve the perfect results. Neutral and basic are the key elements you want to embrace here.

Windows Minimalist windows usually veer towards soft, sheer window treatments. Forget embellishments and thick drapery. This style is all about light so you want to keep to the basics when it comes to a window treatment. Sheer fabrics or even bare windows will work best. Lighting Set the tone in a minimalist bedroom with striking task lighting. Think wall sconces or an elegant pendant to provide subtle sophistication. Bedside Tables Get creative with your nightstands. Here you could opt to stack crates as a minimalist bedside table or purchase a classic cabinet as a nightstand. Style your bedside table with the basics in a similar colour palette as the rest of the room. This will ensure that the minimalist style carries through the entire room. Wardrobes Simple is key here. No over-embellished cupboards are needed. A simple rod suspended from the ceiling could work as a minimalist hanging space too. Looking for Decor and Design elements visit www.sadecor.co.za

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