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Every Day is (Black) Friday this November!

Remember previously when Black Friday was just one day? Well, times have changed and at Clever Little Monkey, Black November is the new Black Friday!

Lighting up Black November, the month long specials are sure to brighten up your day, not just Friday, but every day.



Enough small talk, lets get to it. What will be on special, you ask?
Will a selection of beds do? A pedestal to go with the new bed? How about a compactum or a desk? Or a compactum that transforms into a desk? Because all of this is part of Clever Little Monkey’s Black November Month.

From the functional game changers, the Spot Convertible Cot Bed with its buddy, the Spot Compactum and Desk to the beautifully handcrafted Bamboo stacking shelves and Compactum from the Eco – friendly Bambu range. The changing tray on the compactum is removable, which then instantly turns the smaller compactum into beautiful storage. This month will be anything but dark.


If you have ever been tempted to buy the playful Flexa Play bed or the magical Ruby Single bed, now is your chance!


Flexa Play bed

If there’s anything that can compare to the amazing kids and baby furniture at Clever Little Monkey, it’s the amazing prices they come at this month only. Stock is limited; so don’t wait until too late. (Talking to you, waiting for the next pay day…)

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