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Create a Dreamy DIY Kid’s Play Canopy for The Bedroom

Give your child a magical bedroom experience under this starry skies DIY Canopy that can be used as a reading nook or creative play space in the bedroom. The professionals from HGTV bring us this simple DIY which is a no-sew, easy-to-assemble project that can be completed in a couple of hours! Your kids will love you all the more for this one!

Here is what you will need: 1 flat queen-size bed sheet fishing line thin, sturdy rope scissors small hula hoop gold glitter paper gold metallic paper wooden stars blue acrylic paint white acrylic paint paintbrush screw-in ceiling hook fabric glue double-sided tape What you need to do: Cut a small slit in the top left corner and the top right corner of the sheet; be sure to only cut through one layer of fabric in the hem. Tie a few knots at the end of the rope, then thread the rope through the top left slit all the way through the top hem of the sheet to the top right corner. Gather the sheet on the rope as you go. Pull the rope through the slit on the top right corner. Gather the sheet as tight as possible on the rope and tie both ends of the rope together. Next, paint the hula hoop to match the colour of the sheet and cut five equal lengths of fishing line and tie them to the hula hoop equal distances from each other. Take all five ends of fishing line and thread them through the gathered opening in the sheet – like the below image. Next, drape the sheet over the hula hoop and glue the opening of the sheet to the hoop to secure it. Hang from the ceiling using the screw-in hook. Paint the wooden stars white and glue to the sheet, along the ridge created by the hula hoop. For each hanging star, cut two of the same star from either the gold glitter paper or the gold metallic paper. Using double-sided tape, attach the two stars back to back with a length of fishing line in between. Tape the fishing line to the inside of the canopy so the stars hang at various lengths. Fill the canopy with blankets, pillows and your child’s favourite toys or books, and let him dream the day away!

Source: HGTV

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