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Create A Magical Shared Space For Sleepovers with Nest Designs

Bunk Beds are the most practical way to accommodate room sharing and sleepovers, and besides, they’re also every child’s dream. 

In fact, with the holidays coming up, a bed bunk is a great addition to any child’s bedroom. When guests are visiting from out of town, or your little one has a friend over, a bunk bed ensures that there is an extra bed in your house for a fun sleepover experience.

Innovative from top to bottom, the stunning range of bunk beds from Nest Designs are practical and playful with fun designs your littlest people will love. You won’t find this range anywhere else in South Africa!

Let’s find out more about some of the best-sellers that you can also shop here….

This “Family” Double Bunk Bed or Triple Sleeper Bunk is perfect for optimising space in smaller rooms, where space is needed for both sleep and play. Includes a handy clip-on table for the top bunk which can be positioned wherever you choose. If an extra bed is required for overnight guests, then you also have the option to turn this bunk into a Quadruple Sleeper Bunk by adding an Underbed Trundle. Made from high quality solid pine wood without knots. The wood comes from sustainable forestry in Sweden. The climatic conditions experienced here, result in a slow growing pine of superior quality.

Anyone in need of a dream bed for two? This unique, exciting adventure bunk bed is sure to guarantee lots of fun! Perfect for accommodating room sharing and sleepovers. Finished with a white lacquer that is water based. This results in a hard-wearing, resistant, easy to clean, bright white surface that will stay smooth for many years.

The Anderson children’s bunk bed, in White, is a true example of quality and design. With reversible shelves for a choice of pink or taupe on both levels, this bed will fit proudly into any kid’s bedroom. A smart and stylish design with a premium feel, this bunk offers little ones a comfortable climb to the top bunk using the handy storage steps and safety hand rail. The storage sections are located on the rear shelves and under the stairs which offer brilliant additional space to keep books, toys, games etc.

The Harley Storage Bunk Bed is a stunning option perfect for any two kids. The shelving units built within the bunk are a great added feature, providing a massive amount of storage capacity to enable children to maximise their space, helping them to keep their bedroom organised and clutter free. The lower bunk also has a handy bedside table – so there is no need for a separate nightstand. It’s perfect for keeping a book, a favourite bedtime friend, a glass of water and a reading light all within easy reach.

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