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Mar 5, 2019

Casarredo: Our Favourite Luxury Closets From Lema

For more than 40 years, LEMA has championed the ‘made in Italy’ aesthetic by expertly mixing innovation and tradition, turning quality and personalisation into its unique selling point.

Lema’s strength lie in its unique manufacturing ability and typically Italian excellence, allowing the company to combine the values and technological efficiencies of a large enterprise with fine and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Lema Coplanar:

LEMA – Armadio al Centimetro DANDY

Coplanar wardrobes offer a unique union between technology and aesthetics. To open, pull the doors out and slide open seamlessly for a truly modern experience. This technology creates a perfectly flat surface when the doors are closed, with no protrusions or recesses.

These contemporary designs are available in over 40 matte or glossy lacquered colours, whilst there are also various possibilities of customization for the interiors. An extensive range filled with different types of drawer units fronted in glass or wood allows you to embellish your solution with the glass display case for belts and ties, or the incredibly practical option of extractable storage units for trousers, undergarments and shoes.

Lema Hinged:

LEMA’S hinged wardrobes, made to any measurement offer a modular and customisable storage solution without compromising on its design.

Choose from a range of door types, height, width, depth and finish to fit your space and satisfy any aesthetic need.

Express your personal and décor style with different types of drawer units fronted in glass or wood, glass display cases for belts and ties, or opt for the incredibly practical option of storage accessories for shirts, trousers, undergarments and shoes. The product range is completed with carefully planned details such as built-in lights, extractable rails to hang clothes, and elegant finishing touches such as leather and fabric drawer mats.

LEMA – Armadio al Centimetro DANDY


Lema Sliding:

To rationalise narrow spaces, LEMA has created numerous sliding door solutions. LEMA’S sliding door wardrobes offer focused flexibility not only in terms of size, but also in terms of materials, components, finishes, accessories and equipment.

These design are developed around basic modules that can be adapted in height, width and depth. Different types of doors in wood, glass and leather that can be matched to metal or wood frames, all available in over 40 matte or glossy lacquered colours. A rich collection of handles also allows creative embellishing of each wardrobe, expressing the uniqueness of your style in a personalised way.

The Lema Walk-In:

For LEMA, the walk-in closet does not only represent luxury but also a state of mind and lifestyle that embraces personal spaces. Objects, lights, materials and geometry harmonize in creating an intimate and engaging atmosphere. Shelves, bases, drawer units, components, equipment and accessories can all be combined for unique customisation and the desired walk-in experience.

Lema Air Cleaning System:

The first to launch a free-standing wall system and then a tailored configuration like Armadio al Centimetro, Lema today claims another first: the innovative and patented LEMA Air Cleaning System, which revolutionises the concept of the wardrobe, making it play for the first time an active role in sanitizing clothing, footwear and any other object contained in it.

The outcome of more than twelve months of research and a world exclusive, LEMA Air Cleaning System uses nanotechnology and a special UV lamp to generate a photochemical reaction that naturally destroys pollutants, bacteria and mould, purifying the inside of the wardrobe and eliminating more than 90% of bad odours emanating from the stored clothing and footwear.

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