Bed King: Where Technology Meets Sleep

Choosing a bed is an important decision as it impacts the quality of your sleep for the next 8 -10 years. Yet the process of purchasing your mattress can be confusing and frustrating. Jumping from one bed to the next, unsure of which one is right for you? Now imagine a world where finding the right mattress is as simple as lying on one.

At Bed King, they have made this a reality. The Comfort Solutions Lab® uses exclusive pressure mapping technology that helps you determine your unique comfort and support needs based on your body composition and sleep position. By laying on one mattress, the Comfort Solutions Lab determines the comfort level you require in five minutes!

So instead of trying all the mattresses in the Comfort Solutions range, the Comfort Solutions Lab® provides you with three mattress recommendations backed by science. After the recommendation, its over to you to choose your perfect Comfort Solution.

Bed King Gives Back!
Over the next two months, Bed King, alongside their mascot Kingsley Bear, are proud to once again partner with the Children’s’ Hospital Trust in Bed King’s annual campaign. This year, raising funds for the upgrading of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Emergency Center.

Over the next two months, customers can enjoy a 5% saving on any selected Comfort Solutions® bed set and receive their very own cuddly Kingsley Bear! On top of the saving, Bed King will donate a further 5% to the Children’s Hospital Trust.

As a proudly South African retailer, Bed King’s CSI focus is on helping children in need. “We believe that children are the future. By helping a child in need, we can help the future to be better” – Bed King (2017).

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