Bed King – How to Maximise Your Bedroom Storage Space This Winter

Winter has slowly crept up on us in South Africa leaving a chill that has us reaching for bedding that offers more warmth and cosiness. But where do we pack away our summer sheets? Bedroom space is limited enough. Nobody wants to sacrifice precious wardrobe space reserved for clothing (and shoes) for something as essential as bedding. 

Bed King offers a solution! Introducing the Trento Lift Up Storage Base. Combining style and functionality, the Trento Lift Up base is manufactured in South Africa using imported gas lifts that easily allows you to store linen, clothing, and other bedroom items with one smooth pull up motion. Perhaps even your ‘excess’ shoe collection…? Which to be honest deserves to be put on display inside your wardrobe.

The lift up base features reinforced gas lifts to ensure your mattress and base remains upright while you store your goods.

You don’t have to worry about poking holes into your base as the Lift Up base is hand crafted using Kiln Dried South African Pine, ensuring your mattress rests sturdily on a solid 16mm chip board base. The base has a weight limitation of 500kg for two people sharing including the mattress.

Enjoy maximum storage space of up to 260mm deep, tastefully upholstered in grey fabric that seamlessly blends into any bedroom interior.

What are you waiting for? The base is delivered fully assembled. Simply purchase one online here or in any one of our 13 stores nationwide.

Down Pillows and Duvets

Aside from being extravagantly luxurious and stunningly soft, down pillows and duvets have a number of other benefits as well.

Down as a material is naturally anti-allergenic. It does not attract bacteria and fungi, which makes it a very healthy option for individuals who are sensitive to these kinds of microbes.

It offers the best of both worlds. Goose down combines the fluffiness of wool with the shape-retaining properties of foam. It can also easily be fluffed into each sleeper’s preferred shape.

It has excellent insulation properties. Down is a natural insulating material that protects birds from extreme weather conditions. However, when used as a filler material in pillows and bedding, it does not absorb body heat, which means it never gets uncomfortably warm. Instead, it remains at a near ambient temperature throughout the night, which makes for a deep and satisfying night’s sleep – perfect for when you need to awaken refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Get in touch with a Bed King sleep consultant directly – we’re happy to assist you in choosing down products that tick all your must-have boxes.


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  1. Just what we need.A sealy bed.My fondest memrie with my mom is when i was a bit scared at night i use to snuggle me up behind my moms bedand yes i was always welcome.


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