Add quality to the nursery with The Hall Collection

Today we’re talking about the littlest people in our lives and all the trimmings that these sweet baby cherubs add to our homes. Think nursery décor, fine linens and adorable design elements that are perfectly suited for infants. We particularly love the quality products on offer for the little ones at The Hall Collection.

If you are planning a space for your new little bundle of joy, invest in quality finishes that will last well past their infancy and can be cherished for always. We love the neutral palette and natural materials of the Hall Collection’s Baby range of plush linens, blankets and mattresses to add charm to any nursery. Their range of fine linens are possibly some of the softest hand woven linens, made from the best quality cottons – giving your little one a dreamy sleep. They also offer 100% soft, quality cashmere blankets that are oh so luxurious and the perfect comforter for a new baby. The Hall Collection also showcases a unique range of mattresses suited to kids. Soft on the outside and firm on the inside the Cherubin mattress is made with the correct firmness for very young children. The quality lamb’s wool and silk padding offer a soft feel while ensuring good thermal regulation. Specifically developed according to the Swiss paediatrics’ recommendations for infant beds, it contains a high-quality cfc-free core. Let your children experience a good night’s rest from a young age. Invest in the bespoke products on offer from the Hall Collection and you won’t be disappointed. Their passion for genuine quality means that they only offer bedding made from natural materials and completely bespoke mattresses.

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