8 Ways to Personalise Your Bedside Table

The spaces we use every day are often a reflection of who we are as individuals. Here we hear from Holly Becker, American Author, Stylist and Design Expert about her tips and tricks for personalising your space and decorating your bedside table according to your individual needs.

  1. Use any table, chair, bench, dresser… Anything you like that looks good next to your bed and is not too high. Test first by laying in bed and reach over to the table to see if it’s too high. If you have to stretch too high or if it’s not feeling practical in any way, it’s not the right table.

  1. What are your storage needs? I don’t need much near my bed, a few private things and a few books. So the private things are in a box on my bedside table and a basket below is where I store other things, mainly books and magazines. What do you need to store?

  1. Take the decor up from the table to the wall. I like to create something that flows down from the wall to the table. Some people like to hang art work directly above their bedside table OR hang a pendant or a wall light. I always feel like there needs to be a little something above the bedside table, even if not DIRECTLY above it. Makes the bedroom feel more cosy.

  1. Flowers. Always. They don’t have to be expensive. Or a plant. Also a beautiful, natural piece to add to a bedside table. I love flowers because I can change them often enough to give the bedside table a new look. Tulips, daffodils, sprigs of eucalyptus, pussy willows, roses – the entire look changes with the addition of different flowers.

  1. I have to have a vase for the flowers! I also like to keep it empty sometimes because some vases are pretty enough to stand on its own.


  1. A good lamp to read by. It’s fun to have something quirky in a bedroom that you may expect on a work desk or credenza, for instance. There are no rules, as long as the light shines in the right spot for reading and fits your style.

  1. Always a scented candle. In the winter, I like wood and leather or something that smells like a fresh walk in a snowy forest. In summer, I go with Grapefruit or Rose, or something more sensual. Candlelight is relaxing and romantic, too.

  1. I love a tray to catch things like a pen, bookmark, remote control (if you have a TV in your room, we do not), wireless speaker remote (which we do have), etc.

For this and other great advice from Holly here.


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