6 Modern decor tips for a luxury bedroom design

A bedroom should be the most sumptuous and sacred room in a home–a place in which to dream, switch off and feel safe.

With Pam Golding Properties we take a look inside some of the most luxurious houses for sale, for inspiring decor tips.

Uncluttered simplicity

Regardless of the size of our home, our favourite place to truly unwind will always be the bedroom. This space calls for uncluttered simplicity, and organisation–the opposite of our busy lives. If you tend to be messy or a hoarder, make sure you design storage spaces that will welcome your clutter. When it comes to designing a luxury bedroom, less is more.

Fabric and textures

Whereas less is more when it comes to ‘things’ – more is more when it comes to your choices in fabrics and textures. An investment in high-quality fabric for drapes, headboards, cushions and the perfect armchair is key to creating ultimate luxury in a bedroom.

This is the place you want to be barefoot and sink your feet into comfortable, soft carpeting or beautiful rugs.

When it comes to soft furnishings here, choose the best you can afford and save somewhere else if necessary.

Size counts

We love oversized headboards that make a dramatic statement. We love big beds and elevated beds. We love generous pedestals that soak up clutter and allow you to settle in on a rainy day with all your creature comforts. If you have the space, don’t hold back when it comes to size.


A beautifully framed mirror is the simplest way to achieve understated luxury in any room, but in a bedroom you can overdo it. Invest in quality. Make sure you look good–beveled mirrors have a way of doing that.

Walk-in closets

If you are fortunate enough to be at the design stage, don’t take this feature for granted. A well-designed and organised walk-in closet is the ultimate reward.


Depending on your style, this is another area of design that you should consider carefully. In a room that is simple, like a bedroom, a beautifully crafted chandelier adds personality. If minimalism is your thing, lighting is another way to emphasise this. Whatever the character, make sure you also have functional options like overhead lights, down-lighters and bedside lamps.



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