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Sep 27, 2019

Trend Alert: Go Bold With Exposed Natural Clay Bricks

Brickwork is bold and beautiful but it is also an inherent part of the cultural and architectural landscape of South Africa. Whether in the private or public sphere, we find homes, schools, hospitals, churches and even social infrastructure that boasts the use of brick in its ingrained architecture.

The modern trend is to leave brickwork exposed in your contemporary interior. This offers a room an unrefined yet edgy and urban ambience which is unmatched in its beauty.

But what is it about brick that we love so much?

Besides being a durable and cost-effective material that is also easy to maintain, it lends a rustic strength to the building industry. There is something magical about the use of brick that offers timeless appeal and multi-purpose functionality to the world of architecture.

Take a look at this modern industrial-styled loft home with exposed brickwork featured above a stylish kitchen (below). The simplicity of the brickwork gives this room an air of unrefined beauty. The trend here is to embrace the rawness of natural materials in creating a rustic, industrial living space for modern family life.

Clay brick is also a wonderful addition to a feature wall – especially in a large or modern living room. The beauty of brick in a space like this is that it is also a great material to self-regulate, especially within a South African climate.

Clay Bricks are thermal batteries, using energy from the sun to provide thermal efficiency in a hot South African climate. Bricks can “self-regulate” keeping internal space naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

Brick is designed to absorb the warmth of the sun all day, and release the heat inside during freezing winter nights. Clay brick’s thermal efficiency reduces the need for heating and air-conditioning, with lifetime savings for property owners.

Brickwork seems to be popping up in unconventional spaces. Here, a feature wall in the bathroom, this brick wall adds colour, texture and intrigue to an otherwise minimalist space.

Clay bricks are super easy to clean, and therefore the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom. Most brickwork stains can be cleaned with a stiff fibre brush and running water, but in special circumstances chemical cleaners are inexpensive, easily available and well documented.

A clay brick wall will immediately set the trend in your home. Here, in the living room, it bring a warm red tone to this stylish interior (below). We love the warmth it evokes here with ample natural lighting that bounces around the room.

Clay face brick also requires little or no maintenance ensuring lowest life cycle costs, saving both time and money year after year. Low maintenance mitigates carbon debt associated with painting, refurbishment and replacement. It will remain fresh and appealing for many years to come!

It is particularly stylish in urban rustic settings – from restaurants to industrial style office spaces!

Bricks have the structural density to support built in cupboards, heavy shelves and wall mounted fixtures. You can even remove a non-load bearing wall entirely without compromising the integrity of the building. Property owners have the opportunity to do alterations and extensions. Double leaf brick walls protect conduit and piping without reducing accessibility.

Whatever your reason, clay brick remains a stylish and functional addition to any interior.

For more visit Clay Brick – the voice of the Clay Brick Industry in South Africa.

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