The 2018 ‘Orms Cares’ Initiative Partners with Streetwires

Orms is proud to present the 2018 ‘Orms Cares’ initiative in collaboration with Streetwires.

Founded in 2000, Streetwires has quickly grown to become Cape Town’s leading wire art destination. They provide high quality, intricate handmade bead and wirework items. The social enterprise was founded with the intent of supporting, promoting and marketing the dynamic medium of wire art. They do this while providing a sustainable income to previously disadvantaged artists.

For their 2018 “Orms Cares’ initiative, Orms commissioned a team of Streetwires artists, under the leadership of artist Artwell Munenura who’s been with the team for more than 15 years, to produce a limited range of handmade beaded wire art pieces. Orms will be selling these bespoke creations as part of this initiative at their gear store in Cape Town.

All profits from these sales will be channeled back into the Streetwires organisation to benefit the artists they employ.

For more visit Orms.


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