Spring Into Orms with A Photography Course

Spring is here and it’s time to invigorate your senses and get inspired! We have the perfect solution to help you kick those Winter blues – creative short courses with Orms Cape Town School of Photography! There’s nothing like a change in perspective and routine to give your life a boost and newfound purpose.

Boudoir Photography:


Celebrate and capture natural beauty with a 2-Day Boudoir Photography Weekend Workshop. The experienced lecturer, Greg Liss, will teach you how to deliver tasteful and elegant boudoir photographs.

Wedding Photography | One-Day Workshop

Learn from some of the best in the industry and shoot documentary-style. Learn to identify and capture the finer nuances of a wedding, under the guidance of the established and highly acclaimed wedding photography duo, Bruce & Rebecca ie. Love Made Visible.


Alternative Print Week with Janus Boshoff | Van Dyke Brown and Salt Print Processes

From 10 – 14 September, Janus Boshoff, in conjunction with Orms Cape Town School of Photography, will present a weeklong workshop covering two historical photographic processes, the Van Dyke Brown and Salted Paper. The Van Dyke Brown process, characterised by strong and contrasty chocolate brown hues, was mainly used as a proofing process during the turn of the 20th century. The historically important Salted Paper process, invented by Henry Fox Talbot in the 1830’s, consists of delicate tones of red-brown, and is often referred to as the ‘poor man’s platinum print’. During this practical workshop, chemistry, paper choices, coating techniques, processing, and toning techniques will be covered. Participants will produce at least 6 images. Negative production and options will also be covered.

Digital Photography 101 | One-Week Course

Getting to Know Your Camera

This entry-level one-week course combines theory and practice enabling you to take better digital photographs with your Digital SLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera by increasing your theoretical understanding of photography and exploring your creative side. Lecturers will be part homework critique session (practice) and theory.

Video Editing | Intensive

Make Your Own Movie

A video editing course open to all formats! Bring the footage off your phone, digital compact camera, digital SLR, and camcorder! Learn how to assemble, trim and mix video and audio clips, insert graphic files and create your own short film.

Photoshop Intro: Essential Skills for Photographers:

As an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, this course will teach you the essential workflow basics to process your RAW files. Learn to optimize exposure, correct colour casts, create borders and double exposures, watermark your work, resize your photographs for various printing formats, work in layers and produce images with the best possible quality.

Documentary Photography:

Learn to Unravel the Techniques and Approaches to Documentary Storytelling

This Documentary Photography course endeavours to guide photographers towards developing a narrative for a story they wish to tell. On the course, you will unravel the techniques and approaches to documentary storytelling. You will be exposed to the work of other photographers and their process as well as debate important issues such as truth, objectivity, subjectivity, ethics as well as tips to navigating the industry of documentary photography.

Event & Flash Photography Weekend Workshop

Use your Speedlight flash like a pro: fill flash, diffused or bounced. Use it off-camera for dramatic effects, work with multiple flash units and make informed decisions about your shot with the available light at any event.

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