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Jul 17, 2018

Sophisticated Lofts For Modern Living

Modern lofts are chic and sophisticated, offering versatility in layout and design. With clever storage solutions and beautiful furnishings, you can create a dreamy loft layout to suit your style. Take a look at some of our top tips in creating a sophisticated loft for modern living.

Maximise the height

Lofts are known for their tall ceilings and wide open spaces. You need to think carefully about how to best utilise the space for maximum appeal and storage. Look up and consider creating custom storage off the ground. Overhead kitchen storage is both ultra modern and industrial. Create customised cabinets that extend up the walls and truly make the most of those tall ceilings!

Layout is key

In a modern loft, you can almost always bank on an open plan space. You will need to carefully consider the layout to divide the space into unique areas for sleeping, eating and relaxation. Interior glass walls and panels are on trend and will allow for light to travel through your space without closing off each area of your modern loft. The people who live in modern lofts can easily transform these similar architectural spaces into designs that reflect their lives.

Choosing a Style

Most lofts lend themselves well to a contemporary style of décor, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. Combine a variety of natural materials like wood and stone with manmade elements such as glass and stainless steel for a chic, modern look. Add a few houseplants and rich fabrics to soften the space. A common colour scheme in decorating a loft is neutral, with hues of beige, taupe and white throughout. This will keep your loft feeling bright and chic.


Choose the right lighting solutions to suit your space. With tall ceilings, you may be able to invest in striking pendants with extra length to cascade above your living room or kitchen. In addition, add some lower lighting in lamps and wall sconces that will sufficiently light your entire space up and down.

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