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Nov 25, 2018

Simplify Your Building Projects With Corobrik’s Online Tools And Apps

Simplify Your Building Projects With Corobrik’s Online Tools And Apps

When it comes to construction – be it building your dream house or erecting office blocks – it can be really challenging to turn your design vision into a reality.


From choosing the right building material and getting an accurate quote to picturing how every detail fits into the bigger picture, building projects are rarely as simple as they seem in your head.


Thankfully South Africa’s leading brick manufacturer, Corobrik, has come up with some clever solutions to solve all your building blues. They’ve developed their own online tools and apps for building projects that are really handy and easy to use.


Let’s take a look at how their savvy software can make architects’ and builders’ lives much easier.

The 3D Visualiser is perhaps one of the coolest online tools for building projects. This awesome software lets you choose from a number of different pre-set building options, as well as the exact Corobrik pavers or bricks that you want to use and then generates a visual to give you a realistic idea of how your chosen products will look upon application.  A really cool bonus feature of the 3D Visualiser gives you the option to rotate the orientation of the building, and view it at different angles, giving you a better perspective.


We definitely recommend trying this visualiser tool out!

 Corobrik’s Brick Calculator


Working out the number of bricks you’ll need for your next building project can be quite daunting – especially if you end up miscalculating and buying more bricks than necessary! Luckily you don’t have make any costly mistakes ever again with Corobrik’s Brick Calculator. Simply select the face brick or paver you’d like, specify its length and height and hit the calculate button for an accurate estimate!

Corobrik’s Mobile App

Not all apps for building projects are as user-friendly, easy to navigate and as handy as the Corobrik Builder app! This mobile tool includes features such as a spirit level, a brick matcher – which offers a selection of Corobrik bricks that best match what you’re after – and a gallery filled with inspiring design ideas. Download it on IOS or Android if you’d like to discover more fun-filled features.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

In keeping up-to-date with the latest construction technology, Corobrik has introduced BIM files which can be downloaded directly from their website. Architects and other property development professionals can now upload face brick and paving product files to their BIM database in order to streamline their design process more effectively.

In terms of online tools for building projects that make life easier, this one is definitely ahead of its time!



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