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Save Money and Create a More Energy-efficient Home, Windows

Creating a stylish and comfortable home need not cost you a small fortune. There are many ingenious ways to improve the overall aesthetic and function of your abode, while living more sustainably.

Thanks to Hippo.co.za, here we share some top tips for maximising your bucks and creating a home that will cost you less in the future.

Seal and Insulate

Did you know that over 90% of homes are inadequately insulated? This will most certainly affect you in the long run as poor insulation can result in health-related costs and more. When it comes to creating a cooler home in summer and a warmer space in winter, you need good quality insulation for a more comfortable abode.

Consider insulating your roof and ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. These simple tools will help you reduce heat loss at home and increase your family’s comfort levels.

Lighting is Key

Save on energy costs and swop out your bulbs and light fittings with easy-to-install energy-efficient lighting. LEDs, solar powered lights and lower wattage bulbs will not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your home but will simultaneously help you as you learn How to reduce Your Household Bills.

Invest in Shutters

Keep the heat indoors and the cold out with stylish shutters which are great insulators for your home. Not only will a shutter help to reduce energy costs in your home but will easily add to the overall aesthetic with a stylish, on-trend finish. Beautiful interior and exterior shutters are available on the market in various finishes to suit your budget and installation requirements.

Check your Appliances

Trade in your outdated appliances that may be guzzling energy for newer, cost-saving and energy-efficient alternatives. Think gas cooker tops and smart appliances that can turn off completely when not in use. These will help you save on your electricity bills and ensure a more stylish finish at home.

Skimping Does Not Always Equal Savings

When it comes to your home there are certain things you just shouldn’t skimp on as this could mean increased costs in the future. Ensure that your plumbing, and electrical and architectural structures are done right at the get-go and reap the rewards of a sound building with low maintenance costs. For peace of mind you should also consider Household Insurance to protect yourself and your home from any unforeseen circumstances.

Make these and other necessary changes to create a more comfortable home that will become a worthwhile investment for you and your family in the future!





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