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Jun 5, 2018

Plascon House Tour: White Whimsy

Situated in Gothenburg, Sweden, today’s beautifully minimalist apartment is a celebration of simple living and true Nordic style. In keeping with the architecture of the building, this home dates back to the 1890’s when it was first built, but the interior is crisp, modern and whimsical in white overtones.

The living room is at the centre of this stylish Swedish apartment. It is from this room that all other rooms flow. White defines this space, from the ceilings down to the floors, while hints of greenery, artwork, ceramics and natural linens add definition to the design scheme.

Ornate woodwork, double doors and white wood flooring hint at the past life of this Gothenburg building. We love the details and the subtle references to the 1890’s in which it was first erected – ornate frames, stucco, high ceilings and more. The minimalist design scheme shifts the focus to the striking architecture of this place, and rightfully so!

In the living room, hints of gold with antique finds add to the charisma of this space. A golden framed mirror leans against the back wall, while a vintage chandelier further adds to the element of luxury in this home. The room is bright with sufficient natural lighting that pours in from the exterior windows, brightening up this open plan dining and living room.

The bedroom too is light-filled and in keeping with the neutral white interior, the space feels uncomplicated and minimalist, with ample storage in the form of built-in cabinetry and large open windows for added brightness. Again a golden mirror adds a touch of whimsical charm to this space and we love the mix of natural textures, in the form of natural bed linen and a textured rug that brings depth to this room.

In the kitchen, darker earthy tiled flooring makes an impact against a white design scheme Country-style cabinets with glass doors, a customised wine rack and beautiful solid wood countertops add style here. A breakfast table is ideally located in the centre of this room – the perfect spot to commune with family in a relaxed, inviting kitchen space.


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