Plascon House Tour: A Whimsical White Loft

Crisp. Clean. Contemporary. These are the adjectives we would use to describe today’s whimsical white loft. As if transporting us to a palace of ice, this home boasts an all-white interior with striking architecture and curved windows that add a sense of mystery and magic to this bold interior.

Located in Milan, Italy, this modern loft is a feast for the eyes. It welcomes in natural light and plays on the white shades of the interior to emphasise the sheer volume of this living room. In true Scandinavian style, comfy couches and a playful mix of textures, throws and blankets add a sense of comfort to this space.

High ceilings and industrial style finishes give this loft a contemporary edge. Accent colours are kept minimal with hints of timber and neutrals that adorn the floor space. Vintage pieces including two wooden trunks are used as functional decor while an all-white dining space adds to the harmonious flow created by the minimalist colour palette.

The definition created by large curved windows add to the style of this loft apartment. We love the industrial feel, but instead of it feeling closed in, the white interior with ample windows ensures that the space feels bright, crisp and contemporary with a clear Nordic style.

Colour Schemes: Plascon


Scandinavian designer and photographer Paulina Arcklin



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