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Jan 27, 2018

Plascon House Tour: Surrounded By White

Today we are touring a designer house in Iceland where the interior is equally as mesmerising as the breathtaking views that surround this home. The interior is inspired by the surrounding landscape and the winter months feel much easier to bear in this subtle, cosy and inviting interior.

White, in all its glory, is the real winner here and this undeniable colour is used throughout this home, echoing the snowfall just outside the doors. The living spaces are modern in white, with windows that boast light and space, and maximise the full views of the exterior spaces. Shades of grey, dark wood and white are used throughout this home, creating a peaceful retreat and living space that is calming and poetic – complete with an indoor pool as sanctuary within this abode. Cement floors dominate this interior, adding character and hinting at the harsh egdes of the natural landscape. The open plan living space is simple in muted shades, with a central dining table that takes prominence here. A black feature wall in the background adds depth to an otherwise sterile environment, and we love the addition of wood within the interior styling to add a richness and depth to this space. We are all for beautiful and modern gallery walls – and this passage leading through the house boasts one of our favourites we’ve seen all season. In simple wood and black frames, monochromatic prints fill the space, creating a beautifully creative artwork of sorts that give this hallway a defining character. Against the dark wood and concrete flooring, this becomes an energising space and the perfect transition between lounge and bedrooms. The colour palette of deep greys, white and dark wood continue to the master suite where a full-length freestanding mirror becomes a feature with a strikingly ornate white frame that oozes luxurious living. A simple wooden cube side table adds to the minimalist feel of this contemporary space.   via

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